ELP Stereo Camera ROS Package

I created a ROS driver for the ELP-1MP2CAM001 Dual Lens stereo camera while working on some underwater point-cloud applications. Included in the package is: a URDF macro for the camera a usable calibration udev rules to reliably access the two cameras a launch file to start two usb_cam nodes and a stereo_image_proc node a launch file to start the calibration process Links Source: https://github.com/joshvillbrandt/elp-stereo-camera-ros-pkg Documentation: http://wiki.ros.org/elp_stereo_camera

Mecanumbot Hector SLAM

I finally set some time aside to build some maps of my apartment using a SLAM algorithm! I ended up using the hector_slam package in ROS to do the job. There was a lot of trial and error involved in tuning my odometry and the hector_slam algorithm, but it eventually worked just fine. Check out the screenshots below! Links Mecanumbot ROS package

Mecanumbot Ball Following

I have updated my Mecanumbot code to the latest and greatest ROS distribution – Hydro. During the upgrade, I wrote a companion app to publish velocity commands based of of the output of my ball tracker. The result is that the Mecanumbot can follow a red ball around the room! I wrote the ball tracking code itself back in college. The segmentation approach is pretty naive, but I only spent…

Quick Manual Control Demo

This weekend I added a wireless Xbox controller to the list of devices I can use to control the Mecanumbot. Before now I’ve been able to use a standard RC transmitter, a computer keyboard, and a Wiimote. I again used the ROS framework to integrate the controller. Built into ROS is a joystick node to interface with the wireless USB dongle and I had already built a node to listen…